During the GUIDING you will be shown wild herbs, berries and mushrooms growing in the woods or along the coast of southern Skåne. There will also be samples freshly picked from other locations for you to see and taste. Guiding for one or more days can also take place in other parts of Scandinavia. This will then be combined with a LECTURE about my journey from the woods, to selling mushrooms on the market in Lund and the contacts with the top restaurants in Scandinavia. You can also receive a copy of the cookbook ‘Nya Nordiska Köket’ (in Swedish, English, Dutch, German or Chinese; pre-order before event).

We also offer other types of excursions, for example:

  • Hike around a lake.
  • Archaeological excursion in south-western Skåne focusing on the viking era and the middle ages.

A combination of different excursions is also possible.

Spring in the woods