We offer a wide selection of high quality agricultural products and other products from local and regional producers.

Agricultural products:

  • Root vegetables: beetroot, yellow beet, chioggia beet, parsnip, root parsley, celeriac, swede, red and yellow onion, black salsify and different types of carrot.
  • Wide variety of potatoes: Anya, Asterix, Ballerina, Blå Kongo, Gulmandel, Körsbärspotatis, Mayan Gold, Solist and Superb.
  • Cabbages: cale, red cabbage, white cabbage, broccoli and different types of cauliflower.
  • Green or white asparagus.
  • Wide variety of tomatoes (80 varieties).
  • Rhubarb: green or red.

Ohter products:

  • Algae: green (sea lettuce, U. lactuca) or red (Gracilaria).
  • Crisps: potatoe mix or root vegetable mix.
  • Rapeseed oil: cold pressed or cold pressed organic.
  • Salt: seaweed/algae flavoured.
  • Vinegar: apple or elderflower.