The market for wild picked products like herbs, berries and mushrooms has become a part of the Nordic Cookery, Nordic Cuisine or New Scandinavian Cooking, and thus a part of the greengrocers' market. ROLAND RITTMAN AB has therefore established partnerships with these companies. Read more about it in our 'Archive'. 



EWERMAN, importer and wholesaler of fruits and vegetables in Helsingborg, with about 1500 customers in Sweden.  They distribute and sell our products.

MENIGO & daughter company FRUKTSERVICE; Menigo in for example Stockholm, Gothenburg and Sundsvall buy our products. Fruktservice is the biggest greengrocer in Skåne. They sell our products and distribute them in Skåne. We are also working with Fruktservice in Copenhagen. See Roland visiting Fruktservice with product samples of wild herbs and berries HERE.



INGWERSEN Frugt- og Grönt, Grönttorvet in Copenhagen, greengrocer, is one of our most active partners. They promote and sell our products and the products of our local partners to customors in Denmark.

DUO FRUGT; we deliver our products to WIP-cantinas (Fazer-concern) in Denmark ourselves  or through their greengrocer DUO FRUGT.