ROLAND RITTMAN AB is specialised in the picking and delivery of wild herbs, mushrooms and berries to restaurants in Scandinavia and Finland. We have customers in Skåne, Stockholm, Gothenburg (all Sweden), Copenhangen/Zealand in Denmark, Norway (Oslo), Finland (Helsinki) and the Netherlands. Our products are also in demand in Germany and Switzerland and with chefs during international cooking events. They are delivered by our own cooled transport in Skåne/Zealand or via nordic greengrocers/partners. Our products are of high quality and should, once delivered, keep for at least a week if stored in a refrigerator.

We pick the products ourselves in meadows, fields, forests and along the coast near our farm. Back at the farm, the products are cleaned, sorted, packed and stored prior to a refrigerated delivery to our customers.

Roland Rittman, the founder of the company, has played an important role in the Nordic Cookery, New Scandinavian Cooking or Nordic Cuisine movement. He has delivered to, and been consulted by, many different restaurants in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, like: Alberto K, NOMA, Nimb Herman (all Copenhagen), Leijontornet and Frantzén-Lindeberg (both Stockholm), Bloom, Trio (Trappa Ner), Atmosfär (all Malmö), Gastro and Niklas (both Helsingborg) and Chez Dominique (Helsinki).

Roland started by selling mushrooms on the market square in Lund. This went so well, that he then founded his company in 2004 and added a wide variety of edible wild herbs and berries to his assortment. The company has grown since then and now has four employees.