A speech on Sunday 25/08 by Roland Rittman on the yearly ‘Mad Food Camp’ symposium, arranged by the famous Danish restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen. This year’s theme is GUTS. Read Roland’s speech GO WILD or view his presentation HERE.

Roland Rittman at MAD3

 Some quotes from MAD3:

Roland Rittman (the "O.G. forager of Scandinavia," according to Redzepi) encouraged the audience to "go wild" and fight for healthy, sustainable food. - Aaron Arizpe

We go wild to rescue the planet and humanity,” he continued, stressing that the “wild revolution” didn’t start in Copenhagen, but rather in native communities around the world. - Anne McBride

Chefs have a unique opportunity to tell the story, history and cultural significance of food. Don’t miss this opportunity... - Jody Eddy (26 August 2013).